Sunday, September 7, 2014

Upgrade!!! Car, Campsite and Clues!

Bull Run Campground, Manassas, Virginia

Today we left Cumberland and headed out east towards Washington D.C. We traded in the car and rented a new one in Frederick, MD. Way upgrade! This new car is a Toyota Corolla (not much; but better than the Prius, errr...Nissan Versa; and its NOT baby blue!) This car at least has power locks and windows, a clock and will play music straight from our iPhones. Can you say UPGRADE?!!

Then we headed to a new campsite...right next to the Bull Run Battlefield (and guess what? there is also a Bull Run Winery next door! I'm sure we'll be visiting!)

New campsite for the week, new car too. There's me writing this
blog and having a glass of wine! Loving life!
After we checked in to the campsite and set up, we decided to head over to the battlefield to check it out. The gal at the camp office gave us directions. Right next to the winery, we saw the sign to Manassas Battlefield and turned in to park. There were no maps in the park sign, so we decided to follow the people heading down the trail hoping to see some battlefield signs and descriptions. After 5 miles of hiking in the brutal sun (really only about 2) we came to the stone bridge.

The original bridge was built in 1825 across the Bull Run river. It was destroyed by the confederates during the first battle of Bull Run on July 21, 1861. During the second battle at Bull Run, on August 28-30, 1862 the "Union army under the cover of darkness, withdrew across the hastily rebuilt bridge towards Centreville and the Washington defenses beyond." Manassas National Battlefield Park Brochure
Stone Bridge, Manassas National Battlefield Park
Photo Laurie Southerton
We finally figured out how to find the visitor's office, 5 minutes before closing. The helpful park volunteer gave us a map and described that when we come back, if we know the name of our relative and their regiment, they can look up their path, mark it on the map for us to follow. My g-g-grandfather, George W. Ordner, was with the 2nd West Virginia Infantry at this battle and was wounded in the right shoulder.

We plan on coming back Wednesday to do research and follow his trail. Tomorrow, we are headed into Washington, DC to visit the National Archives. Stay tuned for what we uncover there!

P.S. Here is the awesome antique store purchase from yesterday...a new backseat rider across country to home for all my BEADS!!!

54 drawer antique oak hardware cabinet.
Drawers are tin inside. Now in the backseat of Jeff's truck.
the WHOLE back seat.


  1. After receiving Jeff's link to your blog, I'm all caught up and loving it! What an excellent adventure. Safe travels and can't wait for this week's posts-

  2. Thanks for following, Amy! It has been a real adventure for us tracking down places and things my great-great-grandfather experienced 150 years ago. We've met some great and helpful people too!