Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In the beginning...

Lithograph of Mt. Savage, Maryland in 1848 courtesy of the Mt. Savage Historical Society

On the birthday of the United State's first President, February 22, 1843, George Washington Ordner was born in Mt. Savage, Maryland. He was the first born son of John Charles Ordner and Isabella Cecilia Ways. 

John and Isabella grew up in Frederick, Maryland and were married on Thursday, April 15, 1841. New iron producing blast furnaces opened in 1838 west of Cumberland in the small mountain town of Mt. Savage - the Mt. Savage Iron Works were looking for workers and expanding the town.

The Ordner's decided the opportunity was right to open a dry goods store "on the National Road a few miles past the Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad (CPRR) depot" in Mt. Savage.

Mt.  Savage Historical Society - CPRR

Jeff and I are traveling to Maryland for two weeks on August 28, 2014. We plan on being in Mt. Savage on Labor day and connecting with the president of the Mt. Savage Historical Society, Mr. Dennis Lashley. Mr. Lashley offered to provide a tour and any assistance researching my Grandfather while we are visiting. Can't wait!

A few things I want to discover while visiting Mt. Savage:
  • Where was their store located? Is there any documentation on the store?
  • George worked in the Iron Works as a Steel Smelter - what was it like? What did he do?
  • What school did he attend?  He could read and write well. What was a day in school like?

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