Thursday, August 28, 2014

start of the journey...

We left Minneapolis at 5:30 am at dawn and drove 15 hours and arrived at Zainesville, Ohio at dusk. We drove 82 miles, stopped at 3 truck stops along the way, and 7 toll booths f or a total of $13.10 of toll. Coming home we already decided to skip the toll booths and find a different route :O)

We are beginning the adventure to find and follow my great-great-grandfathers life. Tomorrow, we head to Wheeling, WV. There, on May 25, 1861 he mustered in to the Union army with the "Grafton Guards" of the 2nd Virgina Infantry. We are also heading to Morgantown, WV where an ancestor of mine left papers on the geneology of the Ordner (my maternal grandfather's side) family from the Revolutionary War.  Check back tomorrow to see what I discover...

Right now my husband Jeff and I are having wine and cheese and toasting to our adventure!!


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  2. Try going through Buffalo, New York into Ontario and then into Michigan. Enjoy the upper peninsula and then grab a beer in Duluth and head home. A few more miles, but a gorgeous drive.

  3. Sounds like the start of a great adventure. Cant wait to see what you got today!