Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Starting My Grandfather's Journey

Recently I discovered that my great-great-grandfather, George Washington Ordner, kept a diary of his last year as a Union soldier in the 5th West Virginia Calvary during the Civil War from October 1863 - June 1864. This spurred me on to learn more about my maternal grandfather. I wondered...

  • Where did he live? 
  • Who were his parents and siblings?
  • What was his family like?
  • Why did he join the war?
  • Who did he join with?
  • What did he experience in the war? Which battles was he in?
  • What did he do after the war?
  • Why did he marry my great-great-grandmother, Christina Miller?
  • and so much more....

In a few weeks I will visit the places where he lived, where he fought, where he worked, where he loved and where he died.

Follow my journey...

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